De Opstapper, busvervoer Holwert (Holwerd) - Dokkum - Tourist Information

"De Opstapper", bus transport Holwert (Holwerd) - Dokkum

In northeast Friesland, from December 15th 2013 a new Opstapper system was introduced, which included a number of Opstapper lines.

The idea of De Opstapper is that also the smaller villages in the province Friesland will remain reachable with public transport. There is an Opstapper which travels between Dokkum and the Holwert (Holwerd) ferry terminal.

Reservations are required for De Opstapper, at least 1 hour before departure. You may do this in one of the following ways:

  • Tel: 0800-2802803 (free)
  • Sms: 0800-2802803
  • E-mail:

The fee is € 2,50 per person from the ferry to Medical Center Sionsberg and the bus station of Dokkum. View the timetable on or

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