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About Nes

With approximately 1200 residents Nes is one of the largest villages of the wadden island Ameland. In Nes you will find all the good of past and present day Ameland combined. In the village you will find a number of attractive commanders houses ("commandeurswoningen"), as well as modern shops and a nightlife centre.

Restaurants and shops
Those who enjoy friendly hustle and bustle will certainly feel right at home in Nes. Shops and restaurants blend in well with the beautiful old homes and buildings. As a result of an excellent restoration policy Nes has managed to keep its unique charm. The old town centre of Nes was built around the detached church tower dating back to 1723. This tower is not connected to a church but served as a sea beacon.

Catholic Church
The Catholic Church was the town's jewel, which was built by well-known architect Pierre Cuypers in 1878. Unfortunately, this church was destroyed as a result of a blaze on 5 February 2013. Diagonally across from the church you will find a statue of the old Cardinal de Jong of Ameland.

Wheat mill "Phenix"
Wheat mill "De Phenix", which can be found at the northern edge of the village, was built in 1880. In 1980 this mill was purchased by the municipality Ameland. After its restoration, the wheat mill was opened to the public in 1982. The mill grinds wheat to flour which bakeries on Ameland use to bake the so called "molenbrood" (mill bread).

"Commandeurshuisjes"  (Commanders' cottages)
One of the oldest "commandeurshuisjes" of Nes can be found on Rixt van Doniastraat.  This cottage dates back to 1625 and passing by to take a look would certainly not be a waste your time. The "face" of the village of Nes is also protected.

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