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About Hollum

In the old village Hollum you literally step into the lively history of Ameland. In streets like de Burelaan and de Oosterlaan the rich history of Ameland is alive and kicking. Hollum is also the village where the (55 meter high!) lighthouse of Ameland is situated.

Pointed architraves
The many monumental commander homes in Hollum reflect the Ameland prosperity of the 17th and 18th century. The appearance of the village is protected townscape for a reason. The pointed edges in the fronts of the commander homes indicate what the rank of the sailor was that lived in the house. The more pointed architraves, the higher the rank.

Another striking building is the Dutch Reformed Church, destroyed by water beggars in the Eighty Years' War and rebuilt only in 1678. Studies have shown that the oldest building tracks date back from the 11th century. On the cemetery many Ameland commanders are buried.

The lighthouse is the most remarkable building of Ameland. 55 meter high and with its luminosity of 4,5 million candle one of the strongest in the world. You can feel the presence of this high beacon everywhere on the island. Not only can you see the rays of light far away from the island, but you can recognize the tower, also at daylight with its characteristic red-white beams, from every spot on the island too. 

There are two musea in the village, the Sorgdragersmuseum  and the Reddingsmuseum (life rescue museum). Besides the musea, you can also see many historical objects in the streets of Hollum. For example, at the 'Molenweg' there is rack mill De Verwachting. Besides the special cultural objects, Hollum also has modern facilities, such as a 9 hole golf course and the recreational area De Aanleg.

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