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About Ballum

The fine village Ballum is the smallest village on Ameland, with 350 inhabitants. In the 15th century it was the home of the Cammingha's, the monsieurs of the past of Ameland. Still Ballum is the administrative centre of Ameland.

Protected townscape
The townscape of Ballum is a protected one. In Ballum, you can still find old homes with anchor dating from the 18th century. De old farms in the village reminds of the agricultural past. In the Dutch Reformed Church is a beautiful piece of art: the sculptured pulpit. You can visit the church in the summer months.

Until 1829 there was a real castle in Ballum, but in the 'castle residence' not much is left of this time. Only the tombstone which was used for closing the tomb of the Cammingha's, is preserved. This now serves as floor of the little morgue on the cemetery in Ballum.

The Camminghastraat, overgrown by trees at both sides, mainly determines the character of the village. In the centre is a small village square, also surrounded by trees. Like Nes it also has a separate tower.

Near the village Ballum is a small airport. In case of an emergency this airport fulfills good deeds. The airport also offers many touristic activities. During summer months, for example, you can make a sightseeing flight abov Ameland. Also para jumping and a sightseeing flight are possible and you can even make an excursion to Texel or the German wadden island Borkum.

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