Films op Ameland

Films on Ameland

The gorgeous nature, vast beaches and historic villages make Wadden island Ameland most suitable as a film setting. It is not surprising that various films and film scenes were recorded on the island.

'WAD, surviving on the border of water and land' on Ameland - Ruben Smit Productions

The film Wad was produced by Ruben Smit

Be awestruck by the vastness of the starry night skies, dive under water with the grey seals, follow the rough journey of newborn shelducks through the dunes to the nutrient-rich wad. Experience it yourself: WADfilm, surviving on the border of water and land.   

Penny's Shadow

The film Penny's Shadow was also recorded on the beautiful Wadden island Ameland. The film is about the friendship between people and horses. Everyone who loves horses will recognise themselves in the blind love that the girl Lisa feels for her black stallion Shadow, and the fear of losing your most precious possession. It is possible to visit the filmset and take a picture together with Shadow. Read more about the film and a visit to the filmset.

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