Hardware store & garden centre Theo Faber (DIY shop) - Tourist Information

Hardware store & garden centre Theo Faber (DIY shop)

At Hardware store & garden centre Theo Faber you will find a wide assortment for DIY purposes.

We can help you with:

  • Hardware– screws, nuts, and bolts can be purchased per piece
  • Wood- and plate materials
  • Building materials (concrete, cement, sand-lime brick, insulation, etc.)
  • Garden wood
  • Fire wood– per cubic metre or of 22l bag
  • Ameland holly
  • Electrical supplies
  • Hinges and locks
  • Tools and machines
  • Paint and paint related items
  • Glues, sealants, and fillers
  • Items for your garden
  • Aspen fuel for your garden equipment

Our services:

  • Key service – ready while you wait
  • Woodcutting – your wood materials cut to size
  • We mix paint to create the right colour with our Koopmans paint mixing machine
  • Maintenance and repair of lawn mowers and various other garden machines
  • Ordering personalised name tags –  in stainless steel, plastic, and even enamel
  • Delivery service– across the entire island!
  • Prefer to take your large and heavy materials yourself? Borrow our trailer free of charge
  • Rental of various garden equipment

Hardware store & garden centre Theo Faber (DIY shop)

Fabrieksweg 18
9161 CG, Hollum

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