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Fish shop Metz Hollum

Fresh from the salty sea. Seafood shop Metz has existed as a traditional family business since 1972. It started as a small shop but has since grown to become a versatile seafood shop with locations in Nes en Hollum. 

We also deliver seafood to restaurants across the island. We believe in quality, service, and variety. The focus is on traditional local products and seafood from the North Sea, which we purchase directly from the fish market ourselves. Specialties such as paella, chowder, and sushi are prepared in our own kitchen.

Fresh fish such as sole, schar, dab, haddock, cod, and salmon are always available. In the summer we offer a wider variety. It is possible to order larger amounts of seafood, priced competitively directly from the fish market.

Fish shop Metz

Oranjeweg 10
9161 CC, Nes

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