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De Strandjutter

"The Beachcomber"
Perhaps the cutest little shop on Ameland!

Here you will find fun gifts, cosy accessories and souvenirs of Ameland, such as:

  • Cute greeting cards
  • Salt lamps from the Himalayas
  • FE selenite lamp 
  • Large assortment of incense
  • Homemade oil lamps filled with beach finds
  • Unique souvenirs from Ameland
  • Various kinds of stones
  • Health stones
  • Esoteric articles
  • Feng-shui items
  • Statues from Zimbabwe
  • Chakra products
  • Buddha statues
  • House numbers from Andalusia

De Strandjutter

Rixt van Doniastraat 21
9163 GP, Nes

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