The Harbour - VVV Ameland

The Harbour

Your holiday actually starts when you step on the boat, but it gets even more wonderful when you step ashore and settle down on the terrace of The Harbour. The new laidback spot in the harbour of Nes on Ameland.

Lounge sofas, fireplaces and an eye-catcher of a bar. Not to mention the view! No matter where you take a seat, you always have a view of a handsome piece of World Heritage: the Wadden Sea.

On weekends, there is live cooking! Every Friday it's Fishmarket Friday and we get the best catch from the Amelander fishmongers from the auction. Our chefs man the fishfood bar and do live cooking. So they prepare the fish for you on the spot and you can enjoy unlimited! Saturday is dedicated to Sateh Saturday. Among other things, we have Beef Rendang, sateh skewers of tender chicken breast, BBQ style pulled porc, sateh skewers of pork tenderloin and homemade Gado Gado. Even then, you will enjoy unlimited!

The Harbour

Oude Steiger 5
9163 GV, Nes

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