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Tasting Room Rixt

Discover, share, and experience new flavours. Under the tower in the energetic centre of Nes you will find Tasting Room Rixt. A complete experience is the ultimate goal here.

Discover and share new flavours. Enjoy our signature dish "Rixt's vleesplank" (tapas-style dish with different meats) together, combined with one of our amazing top wines. All our creations are prepared with daily fresh ingredients and prepared in the open kitchen ‘a la minute’.

Rixt's rugged wooden floor and the fireplace add to the warm and intimate atmosphere, and to the entire experience. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner outside on our patio or even the topdeck patio under the tower.

Tasting Room Rixt

Rixt van Doniastraat 6
9163 GR, Nes Ameland

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