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Restaurant De Hekseketel

Restaurant De Hekseketel is a household name on Ameland. This restaurant at the edge of the village Nes has been known for its hospitality, vibrant atmosphere, large pieces of grilled quality meat, and generous portions for 30 years.

This delicious combination makes for happy lunches, dinners, or drinks at Restaurant De Hekseketel. 

Live the good life with your entire family at Restaurant De Hekseketel in the lively village dorp in Nes!

Our skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic staff members are ready for you every day.

The restaurant had a make-over during 2022 and now sports a contemporary interior design with rugged elements, surprising color variation, a bit trendy yet comfortable and familiar! 

Hope to see you soon!

Opening hours:
January | February | March
Monday to Sunday open from 11:00

Restaurant De Hekseketel

Torenstraat 11
9163 HD, Nes

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