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Herberg de Zwaan

Tavern De Zwaan, the ideal place for coffee with a treat, lunch, dinner, meetings or a nice evening out! 

Who visits the bar, the restaurant or the terrace of Tavern De Zwaan, still tastes the atmosphere of the rich history of the premises. Rusticly located on the 'Zwaneplein'. The hospitality and the good kitchen make the visitor feel as welcome in Tavern De Zwaan as the wealthy merchants from the Golden Age did.

De old 'Heerskamer' is still open for visit and is still being used as a private room for an intimate dinner. 

We'd love to see you in Tavern De Zwaan!

Graag tot ziens in Herberg De Zwaan!

Zwaneplein 6
9161 BS, Hollum
+31 519-554002

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