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StrAnders, Food trailer

From walking dinner to fancy barbecue, Restaurant StrAnders looks forward to meeting you at your location! Since 2019 we have been the owners of a cool food truck.

An event without food truck is almost like a Dutch "bitterbal"(a kind of croquette with meat ragout) without mustard. It adds a touch of culinary flavour, but also a festive experience. Whether it is an intimate dinner, food boxing, a fancy picnic in the forest, or a big wedding party, we have the experience and the network to deliver a wonderful product and experience  together with you. Do call or mail us for more information.  

For most of the year, Restaurant StrAnders is open daily. With a personal touch you will receive a delicious, pleasant, and unforgettable moment; welcome to Restaurant StrAnders! 

Rick, Louise, Tjardo, Rachmad, Myrthe, Jelmer, Steven, Sjouke, Gerwin, Merlijn and the rest of the team.

Strandweg 71
9164 KA, Buren

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