Snackbar Plaza 't Kruuspunt - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Plaza 't Kruuspunt

Plaza 't Kruuspunt in Ballum is a household name on our beautiful Wadden diamond Ameland! Not only our snackbar and plate-serving restaurant, but also our icecream shop. 

Our business is located at the edge of the village with a view to the Ballum airport, where many people attempt to make a tandem parachute jump.

Plaza 't Kruuspunt in Ballum on Ameland has been run by Gerrit and Tiny de Kruyk since 1990. The team of 't Kruuspunt guarantees quality, service, hygiene and a friendly approach to our guests.

Plaza 't Kruuspunt

Strandweg 11
9162 EV, Ballum

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