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Beach pavilion Sjoerd

Sjoerd: a cool friend for everyone, suntanned with sand in his hair. With crow's feet around his eyes, he gazes in the distance, over the beach and the Northsea.

Sjoerd combines streetfood with classics and Mediterranean dishes. He loves honesty, sustainability, and local products. Sjoerd doesn't beat around the bush, he does not want to be fooled either.

Sjoerd is proud of the fact that in 2018 ánd 2019 he was selected as the best beach pavilion of the Wadden area. In 2016, 2017 ánd 2020 Sjoerd was proclaimed "most sustainable beach pavilion of the Netherlands" by Strand Nederland (Beach Netherlands). In addition, since the last few years Sjoerd has been the proud owner of a golden Green Key certificate. This does not come easy. Sustainable choices are made wherever possible.  Think of biodegradable packaging, 100% LED-lighting, smart heating systems, solar water heaters, energy efficient kitchen equipment, and a great many solar panels. To complete it all, sustainable food choices with local products such as Ameland lamb meat from local lambs can be found on the menu.

Care to experience this? Sjoerd will happily welcome you at the beach in Nes, so see you soon at Sjoerd!

Beach pavilion Sjoerd

Strandweg 70
9163 GN, Nes

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