Beach pavilion Ballum - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Beach pavilion Ballum

It would be near impossible to bypass. Beautifully located on the widest stretch of beach on Ameland, near the village Ballum, you will find our pavilion. Riding along the bicycle path through the dunes from Nes to Hollum you will easily find us.

Natural enjoyment at beach pavilion Ballum.
Our beach patio has a view of the "Groene Strand" (green beach) of Ameland. A unique stretch of the island with a fantastic view of the coast and dunes. In the nineties, a change in North Sea currents resulted in a large sand deposit in the shape of a hook.  This transformed the area into a fertile environment, where flora and fauna hoogtij flourished.

We would like you to feel welcome and enjoy a carefree vacation. This includes a beautiful location, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food. It does not only make our service more personal, it also means we go out of our way to get you our best products. 

We would like to welcome you to this unique location and make sure you enjoy the views!

Beach pavilion Ballum

Strandweg 24
9162 EV, Ballum

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