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Beach pavilion Ballum - Tourist Information “VVV”Ameland

Beach pavilion Ballum

Enjoy naturally at beach pavilion Ballum.

Beautifully located at the beach of Ameland, near the village Ballum and situated centrally at the cycling track going through the dunes of Nes to Hollum.

With the unique nature reserve "het Groene Strand" only a footstep away it is the ideal place to settle down after a long cycling tour or walk.

Enjoy the lunch menu or just a cup of coffee with something delicious on the side!

At night you can enjoy the view, the sunset and nice food and drinks.

The menu changes every season and there is something for everybody.

Opening times:

For current opening hours you can contact Beach pavilion Ballum.

Dit restaurant doet mee met het Amelands Produkt.

Strandweg 24
9162 EV, Ballum
+31 0519-554024

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