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Tasting room Rixt

When you enter Tasting room Rixt in Nes you notice right away: it is different here. The furnishing is 'trendy and contempary', the atmosphere is casual and islandish, the guests are as diverse as the menu.

Rixt is different. Trendy without being pretentious, cosy without being corny, friendly attention without being pushy. The delightfulness of a small wadden island in a modern way.

Everybody is at ease in Rixt; the local beachcomber is having a drink at the bar, new couples are looking at each other in love enjoying a glass of rosé wine, parents are enjoying  a nice meal during their well deserved holidays while their kids are amusing themselves in the play corner.

Tasting room Rixt

Rixt van Doniastraat 6
9163 GR, Nes

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