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Ameland wool

Please meet...: the faces behind Ameland Wool are Yvonne Spoelstra and Diana Warmels-Edes.

A few years ago Diana asked Yvonne to join her on a trip to the Shetland islands for a woolweek there.
Diana knew that Yvonne is a knitter and that this would interest her. 

On the Shetland islands, with its small-scale wool event, Ameland Wool was born. 

In the following years, they went back several times and also toured through the western part of Schotland, visiting many local small businesses. It allowed Diana and Yvonne to further develop and finetune their own business plans. For example, Yvonne focuses mainly on knitting and Diana picked up weaving and wool dyeing.

The wool that they use for Ameland Wool originates from 3 different herds of sheep that wander and graze outside on the Ameland salt marshes during a large part of the year. Everything as organic and natural as possible.

The excellent conditions in which the sheep live are reflected by the quality of the wool. This wool has a beauttiful structure and is perfect for use in clothing and other accessories.

On the website you can find products that are available and what Ameland Wool is organising.

Ameland wool

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