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Ameland Mint

At the edge of the beautiful village Ballum on the Nesserweg number 1, one can find a wonderful monumental farm in which Ageeth's nostalgic tea and candy shop is located.  At this fabulous location, other than the old-Dutch sweets and many types of tea, she sells one specific type of "tea", i..e The Ameland Mint. 

They grow this Ameland Mint themselves on the centuries-old farmyard and one more spot in a natural setting.  

Two species of mint are grown on Ameland, the wild Ameland Mint and the Ameland Mint descending from the Moroccan mint. The Moroccan mint is the most popular mint species which is widely used in the food service industry.

In season, Ameland mint may be purchased in De Ouwe Stee as long as stocks last. The other share of the harvest is dried with a special drying process, which preserves flavour, quality, and colour of The Ameland Mint. With a royal harvest, The Ameland Mint could be offered year-round. 

Did you know that mint, other than that it is very healthy, relieves a bloated feeling, does not contain any calories,and, other than a delicious cup of tea, makes a tasty Tzatziki or mint tapenade?  

See you soon at De Ouwe Stee!

Ameland Mint

Nesserweg 1
9162 ES, Ballum Ameland

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