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Amelander roggebrood en roomijs

Ameland rye bread and icecream

In a large corner building in the centre of Nes the most delicious bread and rye bread is baked by bakery De Jong since 1725. In 1949 they added a traditional icecream shop with delicious Ameland ice cream.

Truly fresh farmer's milk from the island makes the tastiest ice cream.  The rye for the rye bread is planted and grown on the spacious Ameland pastures around the village of Ballum.  The rye plants wave their characteristic long tufts on the Ameland pastures and upon harvest are turned into the smoothest and tastiest rye bread on the island. 


Ameland rye bread and icecream

Van Heeckerenstraat 3
9163 GZ, Nes
+31 519 54 20 15

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