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Ameland beer and cranberry liqueur

The traditional Ameland brewery with its welcoming tasting room is located in the extensive pastures between Ballum and Nes on Wadden island Ameland. Since more than 10 years, Doeke en Eva Visser have brewed various unusual and special Ameland beers, such as ‘Goäden ferskiening’, a delicate full-bodied tripel, a beautiful blonde ’t Leste Lot’, or the exceptional ‘bij het Roaie Hek’ with Ameland cranberries.

Apart from the unique beers they also prepare a delicious cranberry liqueur, made from cranberries picked by hand in the dunes of Ballum. With the newly built brewery in Ballum, the brewery will be even more visible as from 2020, allowing everybody to see how the delicious Ameland beers are brewed.

Ameland beer and cranberry liqueur

Smitteweg 6
9162 EC, Ballum

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