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Ameland beef Ytsma

In the centre of the beautiful picturesque village of Buren, you will find sausage maker Dennis Ytsma. The beef dry sausage is made using traditional methods from the natural beef of Hereford cows that have been grazing in the nature reserve between Nes and Ballum all year round.

In our new regional shop "Groeten van Ameland", you can come and taste the dry sausage and of course there are several varieties available such as the natural, pepper/garlic, clove and there is a fourth flavour on the way. Curious? Stop by for an Amelander dry sausage, Amelander bacon, Amelander grill sausage, Amelander mustard, Amelander beer or any other Amelander product from our local shop. Here you can also enjoy a cup of organic tea and sustainable coffee or even experience a spectacular game of indoor black-light mini-golf in an underwater theme of the Wadden and North Sea.

Ameland beef Ytsma

Hoofdweg 4
9164 KL, Buren

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