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Current programme and tips

Do you want to know what to do on Ameland in the coming weeks? We have put the possibilities in a handy overview.

View the most up-to-date programme with excursions, boat trips and more (in Dutch and German).

The programme is also available from VVV Nes and VVV Hollum on Ameland.

Besides these planned activities, you can of course also undertake plenty yourself on Ameland.

Our tips:

  • Take a hike through the woods, dunes and nature on the island.
  • Pick up your bike and discover the island! Cycle through the villages, along the wad and through the dunes. And along the way stop to enjoy birds, deer, the view or just to take a break. Everything about cycling and bike rental on Ameland you read here.
  • For children the "Krûmeltjesspoor" (meaning: path for little kids) in Ballum is recommended. The forest in Hollum includes a duck pond and a variety of playground equipment. Or how about recreation area De Vleijen in Nes? In addition there are various hiking routes through the island's nature areas.
  • Have you always wanted a campfire on the beach? Ameland Actief can arrange it for you.
  • Get on your bike and go all out taking creative pictures! Take a picture of the lighthouse of Ameland, the whale jaws ("kakebienen') of museum Sorgdrager and the large blue whale of the nature centre in Nes.
  • Vacation can also mean sleeping in. Take a quick trip to the supermarket or the bakery and find yourself a delicious breakfast. Start the day off well!
  • Make sure that you are out of bed by about 05:15 in the morning to be able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise! Hint: observe sunrise at the eastern side of Ameland. From the dike you have an especially good view.
  • Viewing sunset is of course also possible. Around 21:50 the sun sets at the western side of the island. The beach of Hollum or the dike are locations that lend themselves perfectly for this occasion.
  • Nature area 't Oerd is a beautiful area on the east side from the island. From the high dune on the Oerd you have a good view of the salt marshes, dunes, the wad and the beach.
  • Spot historic houses in the village Hollum. These houses, "commandeurswoningen" (Commanders' houses), were built in the time of whaling, around 1650 - 1800. You recognise the commanders' houses from the old facades, which display e.g. teeth of mice and ankers on the facades.
  • Stroll through the other villages on the island. Ballum with its rich past, the castle of the Van Cammingha's was there, the versatility of Nes or take a picture in Buren with Rixt van het Oerd. 
  • Chase down statues on Ameland and look for the story behind them. In each village on the island you will be able to find one or more statues.
  • Visit the beach. Even though the sun does not shine each day, also with less pleasant weather you can go out for a dose of fresh air, searching shells, and building sand castles.
  • Go on a lovely shopping spree. See all shops on Ameland

Have fun on Ameland!

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