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Demonstration horse-drawn rescue boat

Saturday 26 October 2024 | 17:00
During the demonstration of the Ameland horse-drawn rescue boat, ten powerful horses pull the rescue boat across the beach through the surf into the sea with all their might.

The horse-drawn rescue boat demonstration is a true spectacle that recalls past times. These days, when a ship is in need, it is the modern Anna Margaretha which speeds from the harbour.  

The demonstration illustrates the long history of rescuing drowning victims and helping ships in need near Ameland. 

Each demonstration starts from the boat house adjacent to the Maritime centre "Abraham Fock" located at the Oranjeweg 18 in Hollum. The actual boat launch takes place at the beach south west of Hollum, at the end of the Tjettepad.

A path leading to a viewing platform has been constructed next to the rescue boat beach crossing. From here, guests with limited mobility or in wheelchairs can observe the rescue boat launch. 

Dates and times are subject to change.

Demonstration horse-drawn rescue boat

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