Frequently asked questions about transport to and on Ameland- Tourist Information Centre VVV Ameland.

Do I have to book the ferry if I want to go to Ameland?

Persons, bikes, bicyle trailer and motorbikes don't have to be booked. But you have to buy a boat ticket online via the site of Wagenborg Passenger service (

If you come with a group (minimum of 15 persons) you can make a group booking, because you can get group discount. More information about Wagenborg Passenger servicey and group discount, you can find here.

If you come by car, caravan and/or trailer, you also need to book a place on the ferry in time. You can do this online or by phone (003188-1031000*) at Wagenborg Passenger service.

More information about Wagenborg Passenger service, the departure times and the prices, you can find here.

* If you call from the Netherlands, you can reach Wagenborg Passenger service at telephone number 0900-9238.

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