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What (not) to do when you find a seal

Have you found a seal lying on the beach? Please do not approach it, but keep your distance. A seal on the beach is often merely resting. If humans come too close to the seal, it will create a lot of stress for the animal. It should also be noted that seals are predators. They have sharp teeth and can make unexpected moves.

Should you see a seal pup on the beach, please keep good distance. A pup alone on the beach may look sad, but this is not so. 

If you suspect that a seal is injured, please call the animal police, telephone number 144 or Seal centre Pieterburen 0031595-526526, and report the location of the seal (i.e. village beach crossing, number of the nearest beach pole). In such a case, please also refrain from approaching because this causes the sick animal extra stress.

From time to time a dead seal is found on the beach. Should this be the case, please contact the Town of Ameland, telephone number +31 519-555555. They will remove the animal from the beach.

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