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Is (kite)surfing allowed on Ameland?

The 'college van B&W' points out the following areas where kitesurfing is allowed::

  • On the Wadden Sea on the west side of the ferry dam at Nes within the designated area
  • On the North Sea between beach poles 17,400 and 19 (near Buren)
  • On the North Sea between beach poles 8,200 and 11,300 (between Ballum and Nes)
  • On the North Sea between beach poles 3 and 4 (near Hollum)

Outside the designated North Sea areas, kite surfing is not allowed. Also, the transport of materials required for kite surfing is only allowed between these beach poles. During the winter period (November 1 - March 1), kite surfing is also allowed outside the designated areas, except in areas where kite flying is prohibited.

For more information, check the Dutch website of the municipality of Ameland

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