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Ajani - Yoga

On holiday with friends or family on Ameland? Spending a day on Ameland with friends? Give your vacation a extra dimension!

Ajani Yoga takes you for a dune walk and then a yoga class on the beach. We follow in the footsteps of the 'Duinloper' and the legend about the art of Dune walking. After the dune walk, the yoga class takes place on the beach.The class ends with meditation in a hollow of the dunes.

Also suitable for team outings. Other times possible for large groups upon request.
Costs 35, - p.p.

Meeting point is at the bus stop at Sier aan Zee, Hollum, Ameland.
You will need a mat, large bath towel, or rug, (walking) shoes, and comfortable clothing.

For reservations or information, please call or app Fokke Jansen.

Ajani Yoga - VVV Ameland

00316 18 37 07 29

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