Beach Ameland

Beach Ameland

The (kite)surf expert of the island! Beginner kite course 6 hours € 165,-

Kitesurfing is taught by our pro-instructors on all Ameland kite spots. There is a trial lesson of 2 hours from 60 euro and a beginners course of 6 hours in which you will try to ride the first meters on your board for 165 Euro. We also offer the advanced course.

Participation in the kitesurf lessons is from 12 years old.

(Beach) surfing takes place at our beach location on the Westerpad in Nes. For the beginners as well as the more advanced surfers we have boards on which you can surf on the Ameland waves.

If you find the surf board too hard, then you can always try one of our bodyboards to board in the waves. For the real lovers we have several StandUpPaddle boards where you have to stand on a big board and surf across the water with a peddle.

Participation from the age of 10.

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Beach Ameland

Westerpad 1A
Nes Ameland
+31 627226906

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