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"Krûmeltjesspoor" (walking trail for kids)

The forest in Ballum is alive! Go with the whole family and discover the new inhabitants of the Ballum forest. 

In cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer (Forest Management Services), a small group of volunteers designed and completed the "Krûmeltjesspoor" (literally: trail of crumbs), in order to make the forest more attractive to young children.

At the start of the trail, a wise owl shows you the way. Along the way you will find "krûmels" (crumbs): boulders that come to life at night.
Discover the owl in the tree, the mysterious huts, frogs and much more. The track is easy to follow, because little eyes show you the way.  What is even more fun is the fact that you discover something new every time!

"Krûmeltjesspoor" (walking trail for kids)

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