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Ameland is planning to be self-sufficient in terms of water and energy supply by 2020 and is therefore working together with large parties on sustainable and innovative energy projects on the island.

Various projects

Since 2015, Ballum airport on Ameland counts 23.000 solar panels. This solar park is the first of its size in the Netherlands, and already covers the electricity needs of the more than 1500 households on Ameland.   
The Ameland Energy Cooperation (AEC), the Township of Ameland and Eneco are a one-third participant each and the returns of the solar park are reinvested by the participants in other sustainable energy projects.

As of August 2017 PostNL delivers its mail on Ameland by means of three electric vehicles. Mail and packages are also delivered on foot and by bicycle. Ameland is the second island where mail and packages are delivered emission-free.

Also noticeable are the sustainable public lights, which are extremely energy efficient, diminish light pollution, and minimises disturbances to migration birds. Other results are the dozens of methane fuel cells on Ameland, plus the over eighty hybrid heat pumps which were installed late 2017.

Additionally, the township of Ameland is continuously working with residents, businesses, schools, and knowledge institutes to develop new ways to deal with energy and water more cleanly and more efficiently, together with Ameland's guests.

More information

Should you wish more information, please visit Nature Centre Ameland, where they can explain sustainability on Ameland in detail, or take a look at the website of Town of Ameland.

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