Ameland Blue Flag again!

Ameland Blue Flag again!

In May 2021, the beaches of Ameland have been awarded with the Blue Flag for the 34th time in a row. The Blue Flag has been given to the beaches near Buren, Nes and Hollum on Ameland during the 34th national award at marina Rhoon.

Safe and clean beaches

The three beaches of Ameland may fly the Blue Flags for the 34th year, because the beaches comply with these criteria:

  • The swimming water is of excellent quality;
  • The beach is kept clean;
  • There are enough toilets and bins on the beach;
  • There is saving material and a first-aid station on the beach;
  • To preserve the natural environment of sea, beach and dunes, informatin activities are being organized.

Ameland Blue Flag again!

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