De Amelander Schalken

De Amelander Schalken

De Amelander schalken, (The Ameland Rascals,)
hebben gestolen drie balken. (have stolen three beams.)
Des avonds in de maneschijn, (at night in the moonlight,)
daarom zal dit hun wapen zijn. (that's the reason why this is their Insignia).

On a regular basis wood washed up on the beach, from ships that were lost off the coast. The local population gratefully made use of this. However, wood thieves from the island Terschelling also came to Ameland to steal the beach wood. The Amelanders were not amused. One night, by clear moon, 03:00eland "jutters" (gatherers) stole three thick beams off the Terschelling beach. Between Hollum and Ballum these beams were used to create gallows for thieves from Terschelling.

Statue The Ameland Rascals
In Hollum there is a statue of the Ameland Rascals. It's a relief of three figures each carrying a beam by moonlight. The hardstone relief was created by David van Kampen, commissioned by N.V. de Holm, who gifted it to township Ameland during its 25th anniversary in 1984.

The three beams from the rhyme are also pictured on the Ameland insignia and the Ameland flag.

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