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Van Heeckeren Grandcafé

Van Heeckeren Grandcafé  is located in the middle of the lively village Nes on Ameland. With about 1200 citizens, Nes is one of the largest villages on the island Ameland.

In Nes all good things from the past and the present come together. In the village you can find both a few commander homes, as well as a modern shopping- and nightlife centre. 

In the past, the building in which Van Heeckeren Grandcafé is situated, used to serve as a vicarage. Nowadays it is fully converted into a modern and trendy catering establishment. Naturally the charm of the building is being kept. 

As well as the tasteful furnishing, Van Heeckeren also has a large heated terras on which you can have a drink even in cooler weather. At the back of the building there is another terras, situated alongside the lovely rustic Kerkplein.

During the day you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Van Heeckeren. There is something for everybody, for example: salads, burgers, different kinds of bread rolls and tostini's. 
At night you can choose from a variety of friendly prices meals.

Of course we have thought about the children. They will get their own menu, on which they can draw and puzzle.

In addition to the lunch and dinner menu, you can also choose small dishes from the FINGERFOOD menu all day. Different 'snacks' to go with a drink, with for example dim sum, sushi, flatbread and oysters. Delicious if you feel like a bite.

Van Heeckeren Grandcafé

Kerkplein 6
9163 HB, Nes Ameland

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