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Ameland lamb meat and and beef Ytsma

The centre of the picturesque village of Buren used to be home to the supermarket with the award-winning butcher with an extensive selection. Though the supermarket is no longer there, butcher Dennis still prepares the Ameland lamb and beef in the traditional way. The lambs graze on the brackish pastures of a beautiful spacious area referred to as the Vennoot, bordering the sea. This results in the acclaimed “pré salé” flavour. Apart from the the lamb meat, he also prepares unique beef from the Hereford cows that roam the nature area between Nes and Ballum all year long.  These are special products which this enthusiastic and exceptionally skilled butcher takes particular interest in to work with.

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Ameland lamb meat and and beef Ytsma

Hoofdweg 4
9164 KL, Buren
0031519 542073

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