Strawberry Styling, Interior advice & Restyling

Strawberry Styling

You can come to u for a partial or total interior advice. After you have contacted us, we will make an appointment for a talk. You can let us know all your wishes. 

This talk is essential. In response to your wishes we can make a detailed plan. This consists of a colouring plan, a division advice, choice of material and a possible lighting plan. There is also the possibility of choosing one of the aspects as mentioned above. 

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Do you still have that old chair from your grandmother or aunt in the attic? You think it is a nice chair, but it doesn't match in your interior? We can give it a second chance, making it match your interior. You will be amazed, sometimes it can become a real eye catcher. Your own idea is also welcome here. 

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Strawberry Styling

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