Expeditie Ameland, a story-telling adventure

Ameland breathes stories and inspires story-tellers. Tales of the past, stories of the present, they are told in the pub and in the living room, in the gossip circuit, and by the beach combers.

On the island, story-telling group Ameland Vertel! was established in 2018, with narrators who wish to retell the existing stories and add personal stories to the repertoire. Ameland Vertel! organises a story-telling festival together with "Sier aan Zee" and "Stichting Verhalenderwijs" during the Art Month in november.

"Expeditie Ameland", a story-telling adventure, is an international story-telling festival with workshops, stories via QR code at surprising locations on the island, and performances in different locations. Theme: Living with the elements.

Both starting and experienced story-tellers can participate in these workshops.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Expeditie Ameland, a story-telling adventure

Oranjeweg 59
9161 CB, Hollum

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