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Art Month November

01 November upto and including 30 November

Art Months is a cultural highlight on Ameland with an island wide exposition where the sea marks the border. Wander along the island and enjoy both art and the countryside in november.

For the entire month of november, more than 100 artists exhibit their work in these inspiring surroundings of Ameland. Every year Art Month Foundation Ameland selects an international group of artists from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Iceland. In november Ameland will be 'Art island' again for 30 days!

Title Art Month Ameland 2020: Slow

Almost rebellious is the word slow in a world that screams "Time is money!" S l o w with space between each letter, to ensure there is time for curiosity and deeper thought.  What is slow? Is it just a mention of time of also a feeling? Is it useful, enjoyable, relaxing, or a waste, stressful and irritating? What does slow look like? Is it a technique, talent, or a desired experience of the observer? Let us slow down the world, or is that too revolutionary in 2020?


Art Month November

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