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Art Month November

November Art Month Ameland. An international cultural highlight with an island-wide exhibition where and that is also very special, the sea defines the boundary.

In a natural setting of mystical silence and with sometimes foggy or stormy Wadden weather, you can wander and enjoy the art on display on the island. In November, about a hundred professional artists exhibit their work in this inspiring environment. An international group of artists from including Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Performing art is an indispensable art form, the Performing Arts work group organizes a cultural evening program every Saturday evening where you can enjoy a concert or another special performance. Poetry evenings are organized every Wednesday evening and a Scandinavian film is shown on Thursday evenings.

The program booklet will show you the way during the Art Month. This way you don't miss anything. A special memento of the Art Month is the now well-known Art Month Agenda, which also serves as a catalog in which a work of each participating artist is depicted.

Title Art Month Ameland 2021 Silver Lining
Kunstmaand Ameland will have its 25th edition in 2021. That is reason for a great theme: Silver. Silver shines and sparkles, but can just as easily be modest. A silver anniversary is cause for celebration, but if circumstances force us to hold back, 2021 will still hold its silver lining. While there are plenty of reasons in the world to be gloomy, we can only bring about change with positive energy. Art can help in this: in showing beauty, in encouraging conversation and understanding, in offering comfort and pleasure. We look to the future with confidence, after all: Every cloud has a silver lining.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Art Month November

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