Demonstration horse-driven lifeboat Ameland

Demonstration horse-pulled lifeboat

During the demonstration of the horse-pulled lifeboat on Ameland ten strong horses pull the lifeboat across the beach and through the surf of the sea with all their might.

The demonstration of the horse-pulled lifeboat is a happening that reminds of the olden days, because nowadays, when a ship is in need, the modern motor boat Anna Margaretha speeds to the rescue. 

The demonstration shows the long history of rescuing people from drowning and helping out ships in need near Ameland.

Demonstration Horse-pulled lifeboat Ameland 2019 Time
Tuesday August 27 7:00 PM
Saturday September 7 3:00 PM
Tuesday October 22 5:00 PM
Saturday December 28 10:30 AM


Dates and times are subject to change!

The demonstration starts from the boat house adjacent to the Maritime centre "Abraham Fock" at the Oranjeweg 18 in Hollum. The sea launchings takes place at the beach south/west of Hollum, at the end of the Tjettepad.

Bus transport to the demonstration
It is possible to go to the demonstration by bus. The bus departs from the village of Buren and stops at every bus stop on the way. Please view the service schedule here if you wish to take the bus to the demonstration.

A different view
Would you like to see the launching of the rescue boat from the sea instead of the beach? That is also possible! Please step on board the Boat excursion company ZeehondSeal boat m.s. Ameland or Schuurman Charters.


Demonstration horse-pulled lifeboat

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