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Open watersports day

The Open Watersports Day is organised on the beach southwest of Hollum on Ameland.

During the Open Watersportsday the sail regatta for catamaran  for the "Vooruitgang (progress) 2"  Trophy is held. The entire day is dedicated to beach and watersport related events, topped off by a live demonstration of the Ameland horse-drawn rescue boat launch at 17:00 

On this day, numerous activities will take place on the southwestern beach of Hollum from 12:00, such as:

  • Longboat rowing
  • Beach volleybal tournament
  • Beach sailing, kiting and surfing
  • Treasure hunt for kids
  • Sail competition for the 'Vooruitgang 2' Trophy.
  • Bonfire
  • Parachute jumping 
  • Barbecue and lounge

Dates and times are subject to change.

Open watersports day

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