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Package deals on Ameland - Tourist Information

Package deals

Unfortunately there are no package deals at the moment, but that obviously does not mean that you can't enjoy Ameland!

Whichever budget or preferences you may have, you will always find an accommodation on Ameland that meets your needs! Whether it is for just one night, a weekend away, or a longer vacation, alone or with family or friends, luxury or basic, with adaptations, cheaper or more expensive. 

At VVV Ameland you will find the most comprehensive overview of bungalows, vacation homes, apartements, hotels, group accommodations, bed & breakfasts and camp grounds! We will happily help you with finding those accommodations that entirely meet your needs, to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the island to the max.

Experience the feeling of sleeping on an island, being completely away from home, where the nights are still truly dark (dark sky), with an occasional beam of light flashing from the light house.

Feel at home on Ameland!

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