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GP Practice Maters, Nes Ameland

GP Practice Maters, Nes

Openings hours practice:

The practice is open on weekdays from 08:00 - 12:00 and available by phone from 08:00 - 17:00. Between 12.00 and 13:00 the practice you can only reach the practice in case of an emergency because of the lunch break.

Consulting hour

There is a consulting hour every weekday. You always have to make an appointment beforehand for the consulting hour. You can make an appointment between 08.00 and 10:00 by phone or at the desk. if possible more days in advance. In summer (July and August), apart from the appointment consulting hour, there is also a free consulting hour from 11:00  - 12:00.

Service and substitution

If you need medical care outside office hours, there is always a GP available. Ameland doesn't have a medical centre, therefor you can always reach one of the two GP's. You can call the practice to find out who is on duty:  0519 - 54 20 18. . If the practice isn't on duty, you will that from the answering machine and you can go to:  Huisartspraktijk Jacobs, 0519 55 41 75.


Schoolstraat 1
9163 GE, Nes
0031519 54 20 18

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