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Ameland - Schiermonnikoog

The trip Ameland – Schiermonnikoog takes you along the beautiful east coast of Ameland, the uninhabited 'Engelsmanplaat', and the west point of Schiermonnikoog.

A trip to Schiermonnikoog is possible on the dates mentioned below:

Here you can find an overview of the planned trips from Ameland to Schiermonnikoog and Schiermonnikoog to Ameland of the historic clippers Willem Jacob and Minerva.

Dates 2024 Ameland Schiermonnikoog Schiermonnikoog Ameland Ship
2 May 15:00 10:00     Willem Jacob**
18 July 09:30 21:00     Willem Jacob*
25 July 12:00 17:00     Willem Jacob
1 Aug. 08:30 21:00     Willem Jacob*
8 Aug. 11:00 17:00     Willem Jacob
15 Aug. 14:00 20:00     Willem Jacob
22 Aug. 10:30 17:30     Willem Jacob

Is a certain day not listed? Then there are no direct sailings scheduled on this day between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.
It is of course possible to reach the islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog from the mainland.

Prices historic clippers Willem Jacob and Minerva:

  • One way ticket adult € 81
  • One way ticket child (aged 3 - 12) € 49
  • Bike € 22

*These tours are subject to a surcharge of € 10 per adult and € 11 pro child.
**These trips include an overnight stay, a surcharge of € 21 per adult and child applies for these tours.

Subject to change! Note: on other dates there is no direct boat connection between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog! There is always, however, the option to visit Ameland and Schiermonnikoog via the main land connection routes.

Do you want to use a taxi to go from ferry to ferry? Please contact the taxi- and touringcar company Noordoost Friesland on the following number: 0031511-444000.

Would you like to join one of these tours? 

Tickets are for sail at  VVV Ameland. Booking tickets by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland. Online ticket reservations can be made using the blue buttons or by clicking on the name of the boat.

Tickets Ameland - Schiermonnikoog

Tickets Willem Jacob

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