De Griffel - Hollum Ameland

De Griffel

'De Griffel' is located in Hollum, Burenlaan 41. Every moment of the day, this former school offers many specialties that make the restaurant worth visiting. We are opened all year!! Up to 100 people we can fullfill almost every wish. Because of the efforts of our 'Griffel' team we can cater your party according to your wishes. You can also visit us for lunch or dinner. We hope to welcome you in our atmospheric restaurant.

Details: Our kitchen is opened all day!


'De Griffel' is known for over 19 years on Ameland. The former school is located on one of the eldest streets of the picturesque village Hollum. There are many places of interest: the lighthouse, the horse-driven lifeboat or the most beautiful Nordsea beach of the Netherlands. The cosy atmosphere and hospitality with that, make it worth your visit! Linger at our 'island bar' before dinner and enjoy our kitchen after that... 'De Griffel' is now a place where staying behind isn't a punishment anymore! We hope to see you.


Our diner is located in the centre of Hollum on an old lane. Our sun room and heated (if desired) terrace overlooks a lively street scene. 

Opening hours: 

We are open all year, every day!!!

De Griffel

Burenlaan 41
9161 AJ, Hollum
+31 519-554135

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