Café Nobel in Ballum on Ameland

Café Nobel

There are places where there is a good vibe automatically, where you have the feeling to be home. Café Nobel is such a place. It is the pounding heart of our company, where the warm atmosphere of the olden times still is present. At Nobel 100 years of hospitality and modern luxury go hand in hand. Maybe that is because in this pub the stories of the island are being told since 1902. It is certain that the Nobel family has hospitality running through their veins. Come in, and a warm welcome and a shout of laughter awaits you. That is one of the reasons Misset Horeca announced Nobel to be café of the year in 2007.

In our café, we give you the opportunity to get to know dishes that are inspired by our restaurant.
These café dishes are being made with the same quality by our kitchen crew. If you wish to dine more extensive, we would like to welcome you in our restaurant for a culinary Nobel experience. The café is opened all year from 9.45 AM.

Of course it is also very pleasant on our terras, where you can relax on our lounge sofas.

Café Nobel

Gerrit Kosterweg 16
9162 EN, Ballum

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