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You are going to visit Ameland, we hope you will enjoy your stay on the island! The municipality of Ameland is curious to find out whether the things we have on offer at Ameland are according to your wishes. Therefore we would like to ask if we may approach you via email, to participate in a short survey. With the results the municipality can get a clear view of the guests that are visiting Ameland, and together with the other Frisian Wadden Islands, the municipality can work on an even better touristic product! 

If you participate in the survey, you can also win a prize. Participants can win either of the following two prizes: a gift-voucher worth € 250,- from the tourist office (VVV Ameland), this voucher can be spend at one of the Frisian Wadden Islands of your preference. Or you can win 4 return tickets by ferry to Ameland. 

You can leave your email address, date of return and language of preference of the survey in the form. We will exclusively use this information to send you the survey once, sometime after you have returned from your stay on the island. Filling in the survey takes about 15 minutes. 

We wish to thank you in advance for your participation in our survey, on behalf of the municipality of Ameland! 

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