Paracenter Ameland

Paracenter Ameland

Make a tandem jump above the beautiful island Ameland and experience a sensation that you will remember all your life!

The tandem jump is the easiest way to be introduced to skydiving. After the preparation of only 15 minutes you will go to the plane together with your instructor. After a beautiful sightseeing flight of more dan 15 minutes will be hooked together with your instructor. At a heigth of 3000 meters the door of the plane will open and the moment has come to jump! Feel total freedom and an incredible exerience of a free fall with 200 km/hour. After about half a minute the special extra tandem parachute will open. You will float easily back to the ground of Ameland, hanging on to your instructor. After a soft landing, right in front of family and friends, you will receive a well deserved certificate of your jump.

Do you want to relive your jump again and again? We can make a Photo/DVD recording. A unique memory of your jump! Of course nice for the people at home as well.

You don't need a medical certificate for a tandem jump. Also, there is a minimum and maximum age. When your weight is over 90 kilos, pleace contact Paracentrum Ameland first.

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Paracenter Ameland

Strandweg 21
9162 EV, Ballum
+31 519-55 48 80

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