Bowling alley Boomhiemke on Ameland

Bowling alley Boomhiemke

In restaurant de Dûvelshoek the cosy and modern Boomhiemke bowling centre is located. The four computer operated fluoresce bowling alleys are very popular with the youth and families. There is heavy competition here. A lot of fathers are defeated by their offspring! Do you dare to take the challenge? Don't forget to book an alley at the reception or in restaurant  de Dûvelshoek




Boomhiemke, Jan Roepespad 4, Hollum. Tel. 0519 - 554052.

Klein Vaarwater, Kleinvaarwaterweg 114, Buren. Tel. 0519-542156.?

Bowling alley Boomhiemke

Jan Roepespad 4
9161 CT, Hollum
+31 519 - 554052

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