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Sightseeing flights Tom van der Meulen - VVV Ameland

Sightseeing flights

Flying is one of the most fun experiences. Make a flight or treat your family, friends or colleagues on a sightseeing flight above their holiday address or own address.

Sightseeing flights Tom van der Meulen
While you are enjoying a magnificent view, recognizing famous spots in your own surroundings will make you and your fellow passengers very enthousiastic. 

You may determine the route yourself if it fits within the time frame. 

For example:

  • 15 minutes above Ameland.
  • 30 minutes Terschelling, Schiermonnikoog or Leeuwarden.
  • 45 minutes Lauwersmeergebied, Friesland, or mudflat route.
  • 60 minutes Groningen, Texel or Borkum and vice versa

Opening hours airport Ballum Ameland: Daily from 09:30 til 19:00

Sightseeing flights Tom van der Meulen

Strandweg 19
9162 EV, Ballum
0031 0031519 - 554644

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