De Kracht Ameland

De Kracht

Since 2000 I am a certified energetic therapist and since 2001 Zhineng Qigong instructor. Besides that I started to specialize in for example:

  • Herbal practice: iriscopy, vegatest, living blood, nutrition list et cetera
  • Healing: Quantum Touch and Reiki
  • Massage therapy: chair massage, Dorn, Triggerpoints et cetera
  • Zhineng Qigong
  • Singing bowls and gongs
  • Systematical work
  • Cleansing people and houses

Workshops, company training, but also private lessons and lessons to big as well as smaller groups on location are possible.

Please feel free to contact De Kracht for more information!

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De Kracht

Oosterlaan 3
9161 AB, Hollum
00316 22470203

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